Saturday, June 23, 2012

Broken Phone


How would you like a dude whom you’ve been talking and your iPhone got dropped and the gloss glass got shattered?

I’m picking it up from the dirty, dusty asphalt. I am looking at that marvelous piece that served you so well for so long, now ugly web of ugly cracks all over the glass. The dude’s voice is still rattling inside, trying in vein to get his point across the cracked surface.

In past, I would have got depressed. This time I hardly lost a beat. On the cracked phone, I looked up the closest Apple Store. Rushed there, and just 20 min and 300 bucks later I got myself all set up with another iPhone: newer, glossier, shinier, nicer.

What did I learn about myself? That I am a complacent snob, showing off new rich, bragging shamelessly about spending a little fortune on a toy? Or that we are all so on cracks to the technology that we can’t live another day without a dope on smartphone?