Sunday, September 19, 2010

Near Mount Umunhum

На каком языке интереснее писать? О чем? И для кого? Люблю писать о том что меня торкает. И люблю писать не абстрактно, в никуда, для кого нибудь.Поэтому ценю жанр эпистолярный. А в этом жанре мои читатели-почитатели читают по русски. Да рубят и по английски, но будет с натяжкой, не-по-настоящему, неискренно. А с другой стороны на темы которые меня торкают больше всего, писать легче и четче по английски. Темы эти простые - мотоцикл и работа. Только читателей на эти темы нет :) Так вот для людей пишу по русски на темы разные, животрепещущие, по русски. А на свои темы пишу по английски, для себя. Тоже хороший ценный читатель, только писем моих толком не читает :) Ну теперь про мотоцикл.

Here it stands after a riding day. On a my wooden center-stand, with the chain just cleaned and lubricated. Happy. Went up to Alameda loop, close by, my short "backyard" ride. Just 40 miles. Where I'd been a few times. Jet again discovered something new. Up the crest we spoke to a bicyclist who said the road down to Lexington reservoir is gate-closed up the hill, but advised us to go anyways. We were so rewarded: half-a-mile trail off the gate, and we got a breath-taking panorama view all over the valley, from Morgan Hill to San Francisco. The day is great - cloudy, just warm enough but the air is so clean and transparent... Few clouds caught on the top of high hills, and the ex-air base on the top of the highest hill is so close, we are almost there. They say, there was a huge radar there at cold war time, on the lookout for Russian planes coming from the ocean. "And we never come", I said to the bicyclist, and we laughed ;-) Later the air base was gone, leaving behind doses of lead and asbestos. It presumably is being cleaned and there are plans to open it to public. The peak's name is mt. Umunhum I am looking forward this road to open, and to climb it. Do you think I'll wait till it is legal? Going down is a known road, good ride, taking twists and turns, and getting my confidence back from couple-of-weeks ago ride where I did all the mistakes in one day. Feel pretty confident again. And happy leaving in the place where just in 1/5 hour we are so one-on-one with the nature.

On the way back we checked out Los Gatos cafe. A Los Gatos local once shown it to me as a very popular spot among residents. Nice, low-keyed almost artificially down-to-earthed, home-food place. Home food. Los-Gatos authentic. I guess those people who don't cook breakfast at home any more should love it. I guess a stereo-type Los Gatos resident forgot how to cook breakfast two generations ago. Good, anyways. Good life.

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